Readers ask: How To Add Anchor In WordPress?

How do I insert an anchor in WordPress?

If you are still using the older classic editor for WordPress, then here is how you can add the anchor link / jump link.

  1. Create the anchor link. First, select the text that you want to change into the anchor link and then click on the ‘Insert Link’ button.
  2. Add the ID attribute to the linked section.

How do you insert an anchor?

Adding an Anchor Link

  1. Click your mouse around the text you want hyperlinked.
  2. Select the Editor.
  3. Place your cursor in front of the text (or title in this case) you want the anchor link to jump to.
  4. Select the Hyperlink Manager.
  5. Select the Anchor tab.
  6. Enter a name for the anchor in the Name field.
  7. Select OK.

Does anchor work with WordPress?

As part of this partnership, bloggers can now import existing and new text-based content into Anchor. To make this process as easy as possible, Anchor and have included text-to-speech technology that lets creators automatically convert their content into draft podcast episodes.

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How do I add an anchor link in WordPress block editor?

The first step is to highlight the text you want to add your anchor link to. Then click the insert link icon in the WordPress block editor. Clicking the icon shows the insert link popup where usually, you would add a page link or search for a page to link.

How do I create an anchor link?

Creating the Anchor Link

  1. Highlight the text that should link to the header anchor.
  2. Click the link icon in the toolbar and select the Insert link option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Add your ID with a preceding # symbol in to the URL field.
  4. Click the blue Insert button when you’re finished.

How do I jump to a section in WordPress?

Link to your Page Jump

  1. Type some text, or add an image or button that will become what you want your visitors to click on to go to another section.
  2. Highlight the text or image/button, and select the link option from the block’s toolbar.
  3. Type in the HTML Anchor you created, starting with the pound (#) symbol.

How do I create an anchor text?

In the content editor, highlight the text you want to hyperlink. In the rich text toolbar, click the linkdlink icon. If the anchor you’re linking to is on the same page as your link, click the Link to dropdown menu and select Anchor on this page. Then click the Anchor dropdown menu and select the anchor.

Do anchor links work in email?

An anchor link is a hyperlink in an email. When that hyperlink is clicked, it takes you to another part of the email instead of opening a separate window. Anchor links are most helpful for long messages, which is why they’re generally used in email newsletters instead of sales emails.

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What is the symbol of anchor?

Anchors resemble a cross to the eye, and symbolically to early Christians, they represented strength, faith, and hope. During the Roman persecution of Christians, many used the anchor as a secret symbol of communication.

Does anchor FM give you a website?

Anchor includes a basic podcast website, but it is quite limited – You cannot add your own custom domain (URL), and overall it doesn’t have many features. Luckily, is here to help podcasters create beautiful podcast websites in minutes for their podcasts.

Can I add anchor podcast to my website?

Did you know you can easily embed your podcast on your website and it pulls in the most recent content automatically? You can find the link if you log in to your podcast profile on and hit the share button on any episode!

How do you upload to anchor FM?

How does Anchor work? Simply log in to your anchor account-> click new episode-> click upload a pre-recorded audio file (or record a new one right there in the app/ web browser) -> save episode. Next, you’ll want to give your episode a title and description -> click publish.

How do I anchor to a specific part of a page?

How to Link to a Specific Part of a Page

  1. Give the object or text you’d like to link to a name.
  2. Take the name you’ve chosen and insert it into an opening HTML anchor link tag.
  3. Place that complete opening tag from above before the text or object you want to link to, and add a closing tag after.
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How do I create an anchor link in Chrome?

With the extension installed, simply highlight the text you want to link to, right click, and select “ Copy Link to Selected Text.” This can then be shared and opened by anyone using a compatible browser.

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